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New! Hedwig Scentsy Harry Potter Collection

Scentsy Owl Harry Potter Hogwarts

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UPDATED! In the same way we stepped into the enchanting world of Harry Potter with the Scentsy Castle burner. The latest addition to the collection – NEW! Hedwig the Owl Scentsy burner arrives on 7/17/2023. The iconic snowy owl and Harry’s trusted companion is crafted with exquisite attention to detail. Our Hedwig the Owl Scentsy burner is not just a stunning collectible, but also a functional and delightful addition to your home decor. Simply place your favorite Scentsy melt in the dish, and watch as the soft glow illuminates Hedwig’s majestic form. Whether you’re a devoted Harry Potter fan or seeking the perfect gift for a fellow Potterhead, our NEW Hedwig the Owl Scentsy burner is a must-have centerpiece for any magical ambiance. 


On the other hand, magic doesn’t stop there! The Hogwarts Scentsy Castle Warmer is not only a breathtaking collectible but a functional treasure. A soft glow illuminates the stars in the sky as well as the “inside” of the castle — so the lights appear to be on.A fired-on Hedwig™ decal is set against the moon. The burner dish is decorated with an image of a Hogwarts™ invitation letter, complete with a red “wax seal.” 


Next up the wizardly world of Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Scentsy Collection returns. Ravenclaw™: Wit and Wisdom – Scentsy Bar A clever concoction of suede and sandalwood is mellowed handsomely by a ribbon of smooth vanilla. Hufflepuff™: Just and Loyal – Scentsy Bar The Great Hall beckons with sweet and steadfast notes of golden apple, whipped vanilla almond and cinnamon sugar. Slytherin™: Cunning and Ambition – Scentsy Bar Forest woods hide dark secrets in fresh oak moss and a sweetly sinister layer of deep blackberry. Gryffindor™: Bravery and Determination – Scentsy Bar Race through daring smoky woods, while amber and a touch of dapper cinnamon leaf bring warmth to your journey.

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