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Did you know hummingbirds symbolize good luck? The hummingbird is a sign of wisdom, and happiness also. In Native American cultures hummingbirds are thought to be healers who bring healing and help to people. 

The vibrant world of hummingbird colors.


Let’s see how well you the hummingbird. Do they have a favorite color? Will hummingbirds gravitate towards flowers that are orange, pink, and purple?

Yes! A hummingbird’s very favorite color in the world is red. Hummingbirds can see a variety of colors that we humans can’t. This is because they have four color cones in their eyes, we humans are one short. We only have three. 

Are hummingbirds attracted to the scent of lavender?

Lavender produces nectar which is a primary food source for hummingbirds. And yes, hummingbirds are attracted to the bright colors of lavender flowers, particularly shades of purple and pink. Planting lavender in your garden can create a harmonious environment by attracting hummingbirds. Not only does this add beauty to your garden it supports local ecosystems and gives a great food source for these pollinators.

Simple unique garden fro inside the house!

The Scentsy Etched Hummingbird warmer fits seamlessly into your simple home and garden decor – and the following…

The fragrance flower

Fragrance Flowers are similar to reed diffusers but instead of the ugly wooden sticks you have a beautiful handcrafted flower! 
The handcrafted sola wood flowers bring you around 60 days of fragrance and are biodegradable so they are fantastic for the environment!
Our elegant Fragrance Flowers release beautiful scent while looking lovely in any space.

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