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Scentsy Mountain Sky Warmer | August 2023

Scentsy blue mountain glass glow

Blue Mountains Burner

The Scentsy Mountain Sky warmer | August 2023 – the mountains are calling, you listening? This all glass Scentsy burner is all royal blue. The alluring mountain scene is outlined with a gold matte finish – as the stars shine bright in a cloudless night sky. And a beautiful night sky wouldn’t be complete unless there was a full moon shining bright. 

Elevate Mountain Sky

How does this blue mountain sky burner elevate your mountain theme decor? By being a beautiful air freshener. It’s design echoes the grandeur of a cloudless mountain sky on a full moon night. And while you’re eyes are taking in the night sky, you’ll breath in the sweetness of melting juicy strawberries and gentle leather undertones with the Pink Leather Scentsy wax melt. 

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Sorry friend! Unfortunately, this warmer is currently in the Scentsy vault for now. But don’t worry! I’m an attentive Scentsy consultant who keeps track of these things. If you want updates on its return, click here, and I’ll handle the rest for you.



Why are Scentsy warmers better than other warmers?

Scentsy warmers use lower wattage power than other warmers. That means that the amount of power used is lower, costing less than 0.15 cents per day to operate 24 hours a day. It also means that the warmers do their thang at a lower temperature.

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