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Hey team! Welcome to our January bulletin board. The new year opens up so many new ideas and the need to create new habits in our lives. 

I’m personally so guilty of this – something about a new year gives me all these creative juices and crazy ideas that 99% don’t come to reality. But I keep trying, “crazy is as crazy does!”

Question: What’s a habit that you have that you do without even a thought? Don’t think to hard on this….brushing your teeth, eating, breathing…etc.

Let’s dive in.

Consistent not Constant:

Hardest habit to strengthen – CONSISTENCY.

A lot of people (myself included) get consistency confused with constant. I’m not saying you wanna show up 24-7-365 for anything in life! There’s a BIG difference between constantly showing up and consistently showing up. 

We’re aiming for consistency here – brief INTENTIONAL daily efforts that add up to exponentially. Can you do anything for 15 minutes each day? How about 1 hour each day? YOU decide what works best for you/your family/your life. 

Next, decide WHEN you’re gonna so this work to develope this habit. is it after the kiddos are in bed? Is it first thing in the morning with your coffee? Is it during your lunch break? Is it during the time you spend scrolling social while sitting on the toilet? OR, are you more of a “floater” timeblocks work better for you, short times in the cracks of your day?

How to start:

  1. At a minimum how many minutes am I going to show up daily?
  2. And when do I plan to do the work?

Focused Intentional Work Time:

HOLLA! You’ve identified your work time. Check. Now, you’re at the point where you have your “name at the top of the paper and the date.” But nothing else…now what?

Some ideas:

  1. Turn off all of the distractions. Hang up your do not disturb sign. Ringers, notifications, a quiet space. Hell, sit in your car if you need to get away from the world. You’re gonna be amazed at how much you can do when you’re being intentional.
  2. “Scroll Hole.” Avoid it at all costs. You know what I’m talking about – “oh let me just scroll for a second.” That minute turns into 5, 10, 35 minutes later. Time flies when you’re having fun.
  3. Tool for your toolbox. I use the Google Chrome News Feed Eradicator. Adios newsfeed & the scroll hole.  > Click here: to get it.
  4. Communicate boundaries. They’re not mind readers. If you don’t tell them “hey I’m head down for (however long you’ve picked) they ain’t gonna know. You’re not going too miss anything. In fact you’re going to be more present and focused on them when you are with them because you’ve done the work and been intentional with your time.



Proactive Selling:

This year let’s make a pinky promise to be proactive vs reactive. It’s so easy to get bogged down with the “I should be doing this because I saw Connie the Consultant doing that.” NO! No, NO! Let’s be honest here, since we’re friends, it’s easier to focus on others than it is to focus on ourselves. Those are the things that don’t make us money. 

Make your paycheck because of you. Because you put in the work and the actions. Nothing is more effective than a simple text, email or private message asking for a sale. Easy peasy. 

Tool for your toolbox: Set yourself a goal of how many sales you can make. NOT a dollar amount. Why? By setting a tangible goal like this you can help kep the habit and focus of proactively selling in the forefront of your mind. 

And for God Sakes, learn to say NO. I know you see something shiny and new and you’re think “oh I need to do that.” NO, no, NO! Save the idea somewhere and come back to it. This new and shinny thing won’t help you one bit if you don’t have habits, ACTIONS in place. So think of it like truck that’s stuck in the mud. You know how those tires just spin their wheels because there’s not traction? Those wheels are you if you are always moving onto to the shinny next new thing. 

So don’t be afraid to say no to something – I promise you’re not missing out on anything. There will be something new tomorrow that replaces it. 

Question to ask yourself: How many sales can I make per day, week or month? What do I feel like is a reasonable goal for 2024?

Focus on Filling Your Customer Pipeline:

To keep these new habits flowing – focus on filling your customer pipeline with finding those new customers. Find ways that are natural to you that cultivate new relationships. Hear me when I say this THIS AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN OVERNIGHT, AND TAKES TIME! This is a marathon – not a sprint! 

Consistency in relationship building will pay off bigtime. Don’t make it weird and stop being a human being. 

For those that need a plan, a “tell me what to do type thing.” A good simple formula you can adopt is 3+3+3=3000 That means 3 current customers + 3 future customers + 3 future consultants = 3000 conversations over a year! 

Holy sh*t! 3000 sounds fully cray cray, but 3+3+3 each day…that’s do-able. And the key here is it doesn’t have to all be Scentsy talk. It might be sharing a recipe, genuinely checking and saying hit to someone, responding to something they’ve posted on social. Simple human stuff. 

Being intentional about building those relationships. 

Regularly Marketing Your Biz:

Let’s be honest with each other. You’re probably marketing your business here and there – when you’re in dyer need of a sale on the 20th of the month. Or the only time you talk about Scentsy is when there is a new product launch.  

When in reality you wanna create a balance between being the wiggling blow up man outside of the car lot and asking. for a sale. 

Income producing isn’t always easy. But it’s an important piece here. I don’t know anyone that wants to work for free.

Question to ask: What actions will get me ahead of the game? 

There’s no sense in waking up early if that’s when you’re gonna work and spend your 15 minutes finding something to post on social media and calling that your effort for the day. That is what we call posting & praying. Did that get your 3+3+3? 

I’m not saying don’t post on social, set aside some time for doing just that. Think about what to post on social media and only do that during that time. When your posts are scheduled ahead of time, it guarantees consistency and it’s off your mind. 

Let’s Create Those New Habits:

Doing anything for the first time and sticking with it creates discipline. Lots and lots of it. And failure. But it’s going to be worth it as you hit the goals you make for yourself. 

Here are a few tips for your Consultant toolbox: 

  • Just start. Start with small changes. Don’t try to overhaul everything – you will get frustrated and overwhelmed. 
  • Set reminders. Set alarms. Do whatever will work for you – no matter how silly it may seem. 
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. Make a note in your phone. Paper and pencil. A simple calendar and write each day. Whatever is going to work for your brain. 
  • Reward yourself for sticking to your new habits. Maybe it’s an iced coffee or a new note pad (I’m a sucker for office supplies so that’s why I thought about that.) 
  • Find a buddy. Grab someone in your team or upline. Share your thoughts and goals with them and say “hey I need a little support and accountability. ” Nobody can say no to that. 

Love this quote from Abraham Lincoln: “Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” -Abraham Lincoln

Keep your eye on the prize friend. Being a success and meeting your goals is found in the good habits you adopt! Nobody can or will do it for you. 


Wrap it Up:

Alrighty, you now have every tip, trick, tool I know and use to create new habits. I’m sure there is more because we all know I’m not the end all to be all. 

Here are the new habits we’re going to either introduce or fine tune in our lives in 2024 …

  • Consistent not Constant
  • Focused Intentional Work Time
  • Daily Proactive Selling
  • Focus on Filling your Customer Pipeline
  • Regularly Marketing Your Business

Hit reply on this email – I’d love to hear what one takeaway you got from this that you plan to apply to your life/Scentsy gig? 

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