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Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Chrsitmas 30th Anniv Collectors Warmer AVALIABLE!

UPDATE:  2022 Nightmare Before Christmas Santa Jack Skellington items will available while supplies last, starting 10/1/22!

Get all of the info on the NEW! Nightmare Before Christmas items HERE.

2022 Santa Jack Skellington Warmer
Santa Jack Skellington - 2022 Nightmare Before Christmas Scentsy Collection

Scentsy Jack Skellington Is Back!

You have emailed, called, and texted me asking IF the Jack Skellington Scentsy Warmer is  back.  When was it coming back? How could you get The Pumpkin King Scentsy warmer?  Y’all really love your Jack Skellington and y’all love your Scentsy!  And I love to make y’all happy…

The Pumpkin King Scentsy Warmer returns on September 1, 2020!
And he's bringing his friends too...

Jack Skellington Scentsy Burner
Jack Skellington Scentsy Mini

Mini Jack Skellington Scentsy Warmer

Nightmare Before Christmas Scentsy Scents

NEW SCENT! Halloween Town and the Original Jack’s Obsession Scentsy Bars

Jack Skellington Scentsy Stuffed Buddy

NEW! Jack Skellington and Sally Scentsy Buddy Stuffies

You really don’t want to miss these high quality Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington collectors items.  They are beautifully crafted and hand painted warmers. And the lovingly stitched Jack Skellington and Sally Stuffed Buddies will be sure to delight the biggest Nightmare Before Christmas fan.

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