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is scentsy safe

Is Scentsy Safe?

A question everyone asks is “Is Scentsy safe to use in my home?”   Scentsy produces a worry-free product line. Let’s break down some of the reasons why you should us Scentsy products.

No smoke, No soot, No lead.

The only thing that releases into the air is fragrant oil molecules by using a lightbulb to WARM the wax, there is no flame to ignite.

There are NO harmful VOC's released.

This one needs a little science behind the explanation. We all hear Volatile Organic Compounds and get scared, right? The word volatile just sounds bad. But in the scientific world, volatile is defined by a substance’s ability to evaporate. So, you can consider water as a VOC, and water shouldn’t scare us. 

Did you know that anytime you smell something – anything – that it’s because you are inhaling a volatile organic compound? Those fresh flowers that smell so good? Volatile organic compounds. That fresh sliced watermelon? Yep, VOC’s. Without volatile organic compounds we would live in a scent-free world. And that’s no fun!

Scentsy complies with leading authorities:

All EPA regulations

The International Fragrance Association’s Code of Practice

The European Union’s REACH requirements

The California Air Resources Board regulations

All of these authorities above restrict the use of ingredients that are dangerous for the environment and the consumer.

Scentsy products do not contain any nut or mineral oils. The products are formaldehyde-free, gluten free, BPA-free, egg-free and lead-free.

Now I know some Scentsy scents like Baked Apple Pie smell good enough to eat but don’t do it. The products are not meant to be ingested. They are made to be warmed, sprayed, laundered, and diffused. Scentsy is made for your enjoyment.

So spray that Room Spray! Warm that wax! Diffuse those oils! Enjoy your Scent Paks and Scent Circles!

 I wouldn’t use it in my home around my kids and pets if it weren’t.

Happy Sniffing To You!


Scentsy FAQ

Is Scentsy safe?

Scentsy bars are a safer option than wicked candles in the world of home fragrance. They are safer than wicked candles because they are flameless, smokeless and lead-free, which means no harmful chemicals or pollutants are released into the air; unlike traditional candles which also release soot.


What are Scentsy bars?

Scentsy bars are blocks of fragrance wax and there are 8 pieces (wax cubes) per bar. Wax bars are available in over 80 exclusive Scentsy fragrances and have been designed for use in a Scentsy Warmer.

Where are Scentsy Bars made?

Scentsy Bars’ manufacturing takes place in Meridian, Idaho. They are 100% Made in the USA!

What are the Scentsy wax ingredients?

Scentsy bars are made from a custom, premium paraffin wax blend, which by design give you long-lasting fragrance and amazing scent-loading ability, melting point and firmness. Essentially, this means that Scentsy Bars warm perfectly and hold a lot of SAFE fragrance.

Scentsy fragrances do not contain any harmful VOCs, they are completely formaldehyde-free.

Do Scentsy products comply with EPA regulations?

Scentsy specially formulates every single product and tests them so that they comply with all federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPS) regulations, the International Fragrance Association’s Code of Practice, the European Union’s REACH requirements and the California Air Resources Board regulations. All of these tests make sure to restrict the use of fragrance ingredients that could potentially be a risk to people’s health and the environment.

Is Scentsy safe to leave on?

Yes, leaving a Scentsy Warmer on is just as safe as leaving a lamp on. Since there is no flame, you don’t need to worry about leaving the house or going to bed with a Scentsy warmer on. 

Is Scentsy safe for pets?

Scentsy bars are a great option for those with pets, such as dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, snakes, fish, etc., as, again, there is no flame, and they don’t produce any soot or smoke when the wax is being heated to release the scent.

However, we recommend that you do your research in advance or consult your veterinarian as to whether the products potentially could affect your pets. 

Is Scentsy safe to breathe?

Scentsy products are not to be ingested. Hence, do not eat them even if they smell better than most foods!

Is Scentsy safe for babies?

Scentsy has an entire line for kids. This includes Scentsy Buddies, which, in fact, have a lighter scent release. However, just be sure to keep the bars and essential oils or any other Scentsy product out of reach from children as they are not to be ingested.

Is Scentsy safe while pregnant?

Scentsy products, if used as intended, are perfect for use by pregnant women.

Is Scentsy vegan?

Scentsy Skin products are vegan and gluten-free. Furthermore, Scentsy products are not tested on animals.

Does Scentsy cause allergic reactions or affect asthma?

Scentsy uses natural oils when available.  There may be times where synthetic scents are used.  If you are sensitive or allergic to certain plants, please note that diffusing oils are extracted from plants, therefore, it could irritate your allergies if we used a plant that you are sensitive or allergic to.

Is Scentsy toxic?

Scentsy Bars, Room Sprays, essential and natural oils, etc are all produced to be a fragrance experience. Scentsy follow all guidelines from these leading authorities: All EPA regulations, The International Fragrance Association’s Code of Practice, The European Union’s REACH requirements, and The California Air Resources Board regulations.  All of these authorities listed restrict the use of ingredients that are dangerous for the environment and the consumer.

Please use Scentsy products as directed and you will have absolutely nothing to worry about. Hence, you shouldn’t be ingesting (eating) any Scentsy products.


As good as they may smell, you can not eat them! Also, unless it is a skincare product, products are not for topical or body spray use. Use Scentsy products as Scentsy clearly directs. 🙂

Enjoy Fragrance In Confidence

Scentsy products are top quality all around.  From gorgeous wax melt warmers, essential oil diffusers, wax bars, room sprays and body products down to car products, Scentsy is perfection.  Shop with confidence HERE.

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