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A green iconic leprechaun top hat sitting a top white books for decoration.

Check out Scentsy’s first interpretation of the iconic Irish man’s hat! 

What is the iconic leprechaun’s hat called?  It’s commonly called the Irish cap but it has many names – Irish tweek or newsboy cap, scully  cap, or an ivy cap.

This iconic leprechaun hat Scentsy warmer is a ceramic decor piece, covered in a vibrant shade of green wrapped with the traditional wide black belt, and accented with a gold buckle, and a lucky four-leaf clover. 

The 4″ element Lucky Leprechaun Scentsy warmer of the month is leaving the shenanigans at the door with its 10% discount – in February. 

Scentsy's February 2024 Scent of the month - Shamrock Splash

shamrock splash Scentsy wax bar

This scent’s description is as follows: Dive into a happy-go-lucky blend of juicy tangerine & red strawberry with a touch of jasmine blossom

TOP NOTES: At first sniff you’re going to get the top notes –  the juicy tangerine.

MID NOTES: The mid notes are when you’re going to get the jasmine. Rich, sweet, fruity, sensual vibes. (This is when you should smell the red strawberry scent.)

BOTTOM NOTES: Here’s your jasmine blossom. More of your flower “feeling” notes. This will be less noticeable than the mid and top notes. Less noticeable.


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