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How You Store Your Scentsy Bars Matters

Ok, let’s be real for a hot minute.  You are reading about how to store Scentsy wax bars.  You know what that means don’t you?  Yep, you’re an addict.  Don’t worry, I’m a Scentsy addict too.  You’re in good company.

When you stock up on bars whether it’s because it’s your favorite scent or it’s a scent that is retiring, you want those bars to be usable at a later time.  How you store your bars matters and will make a difference in the scent throw when you finally break down and use them.  Keep reading to see the best practices to keep your wax goldmine in tip-top condition. This is everything you need to know for premium wax melt storage.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

Don't Do This

When storing wax melts, never leave your bars in a vertical position.

There is a hang tag at the top of a bar, but it is for temporary display only.  Always store your bars in a flat, horizontal position.  This will ensure a maximum quality scent experience every time.

Why not store them vertically?  Because of gravity.  The wax in a bar is just the carrier mechanism.  The fragrant oil is interlaced in the wax, but over time the oil can settle to the bottom of the bar.  Making the top cubes of your bar practically scent free while concentrating the scented oil in the bottom cubes.

What About This?

Almost…but not quite!

Storing your bars where they are exposed to sunlight just isn’t a good idea.  Direct sunlight will warm the bars enough to slowly leach the scent from the wax.  And the sunlight will definitely fade the color from your bars – especially the color blue.

scentsy wax bars and sun
storing scentsy wax

Not This Either...

Don’t store your bars in the garage or any other non-climate controlled area.  The constant fluctuation of temperature and humidity levels will cause your bars to “sweat.”  That is when the oil starts to separate from the wax and pool either on top of the bar or at the bottom of your clam shell.  Don’t lose all the good stuff to the great outdoors!

DO It The Right Way!

The correct and best way to store your sacred Scentsy bar stash is to lay each bar flat. Keep the precious out of the direct sunlight in a cool, climate controlled environment. You are looking at a small portion of my goodies down in my basement. I have wax that is over 4 years old that I haven’t had the heart to warm yet and it is still in perfect, smell-goody condition. Maybe one day I will break down and enjoy those sweethearts in my warmers, but today ain’t the day.

how to store scentsy wax bars

How You Store Your Scentsy Bars Matters

Is freezing Scentsy Bars ok?

We’ve done thorough testing on storing Scentsy bars in freezer, and it has proven to be too extreme for the majority of the fragrances. We highly recommend you follow the way we recommended above.

What is the shelf life of Scentsy Bars?

If you follow our recommendation above, you can seriously extend the shelf life of Scentsy Bars. Nonetheless, the average shelf-life of a Scentsy Bar is 12 months.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions about your Scentsy products.

Practice smart wax melt storage folks!

Pro Tip:

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