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Just how long do Scentsy Wax Bars Last...

Did you pop in a few cubes of wax into your warmer and think, “Wow, I can’t smell my Scentsy anymore?”  Or maybe you could only smell it for a few hours and thought, “This Scentsy sure has gone down in quality.”

Let me assure you, your Scentsy products have NOT changed. They are all still the high-quality, beautiful fragrance experience that you have come to know and love.  So, what’s going on? How can I make Scentsy bars last longer?

Here are 4 simple ways to make your scented wax last longer:

1. Combat Natural Anosmia

If you are consistently using the same scents, switch them out and rotate your scents periodically. This will help combat the natural anosmia that occurs when we are exposed to the same scent for an extended period of time.

Note: You may not be smelling it anymore if you are using the same scent, however, your friends and family who come to visit your home will surely be smelling what you are not due to natural anosmia.

You can scrape out the wax as soon as you aren’t smelling it anymore. However, it will only make sense to save it if you think it still has fragrance left. You can follow the standard time for how long Scentsy fragrance last.

Anosmia or olfactory adaptation is actually super-scientific.  Watch this short video up above to understand the issue and HOW you can fix it!

2. Use a Timer

Buy yourself a timer then set it for certain times of the day that makes the most sense for you. Therefore you can maximize the scent by controlling when it is releasing the fragrance. Scentsy Warmers take no longer than 30 minutes to melt the wax and start releasing the scent. Set a timer for 30 to 60 minutes to shut off as you won’t need it to melt any longer until the smells disappear.

A timer is also great as you can set it to start 15-30 minutes before you get home from work (i.e. set for 5pm-6pm) so you can walk into your house smelling amazing without wasting any of your Scentsy Bar during the day while you are working.

3. Clean Your Scentsy Dish Warmer Frequently

Some people get lazy and just throw a new cube in with the old wax. This isn’t a great way to maximize the smells of a Scentsy Bar. Why? Because a clean dish is a happy dish. Here is an article we wrote on how to clean a Scentsy Warmer to get the most out of your Scentsy Bars. It also explains why cleaning it is important. In a nutshell, cleaning of the film of wax that covers your dish will allow you to heat your fragrance in the most efficient manner and release the most fragrance possible.

4. Turn Your Scentsy Warmer Off When Cooking

There is no point to make your Scentsy Bar compete with the delicious food you are cooking in your house – especially foods like bacon, bacon always wins the contest. Turn off the warmer when you are cooking then after the smells from the food start to disperse, turn your warmer back on.

Now, you might be wondering, how many Scentsy cubes do you use?

As you may or may not know, there are 8 cubes per Scentsy Bar. You only need to use one cube at a time.

How long does a Scentsy cube last on average?

Although, we’ve heard from our customers that they got up to 50 hours from using one and a half cubes, which is amazing, it is in fact not the average. We state that you can get about 15 hours of fragrance release from using one cube, so one Scentsy Bar should last you around 120 hours.

With that being said, if you use our 4 tips above, you will surely maximize the time and you can make one Scentsy Bar last a very long time.

If you have any questions about Scentsy, please feel free to contact us 🙂

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