A Few Tips and Tricks To Selling Scentsy

Learn selling Scentsy strategies for social media, hosting parties, and engaging your customers

Social Media Strategies

how to sell scentsy on facebook

Is Social Media Allowed?

The biggest question out there for social media is “Can I market my Scentsy business online via social media?” Absolutely! From a company standpoint, you can market your business with as many shares, posts, and clicks as your heart desires.

BUT there is one important rule you must follow. Social media is NOT for the hard sell (with minor exceptions), Social Media is meant to be, well, social.

Unfollow Me:

Want to know the fastest way to get that dreaded Unfollow?  It’s blasting your business like an infomercial. There is such a thing as Social Media Etiquette and the faster you learn it, the faster you will grow your clientele.  Look, I get it. You are excited and love your product. But the rest of the social media world doesn’t share your passion…yet.

Company Strengths at a glance

Still Using Dial-Up Internet?

One of the greatest ways to continuously get new sales over time is by keeping up with trends and tools. The way people buy things and interact with businesses changes so fast. Social Media Marketing is still relatively new in the grand scheme of things. (That’s why it’s important to stay updated with the latest trends) Remember dial-up internet? We’ve come so far!

Scentsy Content Marketing Strategies

The Do's and Don'ts

Social Media Strategies

Post generic marketing flyers from your company.  Don’t copy and paste from other consultants. People can tell when you created a post and when you copied someone else.

Create your own valuable content.  You have to find your voice and stand out. This is where knowing your target audience is important.  Find out what is important to your audience and then create your own graphics and write your own posts in your words. Be you.

Selling vs. Sharing

Post only about your business activities.  Sure, sales posts have their place, but it’s not the biggest piece of the puzzle.  Stop with the constant sales and marketing flyers.

Share your business and how it fits into your life, and share about friendships you’re making, about your travels, about how your products make your life better, but don’t always ask for the sale – Share the experience.


Pretend To Be Something Else

Act differently online.  People are always watching and they will notice if you act differently in person.  Don’t let your customers down.

Be you. It’s not hard. Focus on the things you love about yourself and let it shine.  Don’t compare or copy others. You are unique and your customers will love you for you.


Private Customer Groups

Blindly add people to a group without their interest and permission.  So many companies have trained their consultants to add as many strangers as possible without those good folk’s permission. This is a huge no-no! (This is what happens when you blindly add people)

Make sure you personally INVITE people to be included.  Also, make sure your guests actually want to be guests. This ensures that the customers present will actually engage with you socially and eventually purchase.