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Brrr! Winter is here with its chilly winds and snow-covered landscapes, and that means it’s time to cozy up inside with some warm blankets, hot cocoa, and, of course, amazing Scentsy fragrances. December 2023’s new Scentsy Warmer of the Month, Frosted Night! This stunning warmer is the perfect way to capture the essence of winter and bring a touch of magic to your home.

With its frosted glass exterior and intricate pine forest scene, Frosted Night is a true beauty. It’s like having a mini winter wonderland right in your living room! But the real magic happens when you add a Scentsy Bar to the warmer. As the wax melts, it releases a captivating blend of frosted pine needles, crisp mountain air, and a touch of sweet citrus. It’s a scent that will instantly transport you to a cozy cabin in the woods.

Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or just enjoying a quiet evening by the fire, Frosted Night is the perfect warmer to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s a timeless piece that will add a touch of elegance and enchantment to your home décor for years to come.

So, snuggle up, relax, and let Frosted Night fill your home with the magic of winter.

frosted night Scentsy warmer wax melt

December 2023 warmer details:

Wattage: 25W, Finish: Glows when lit, Dimensions: 6.5″ tall, Material: Glass

Same for the Frosted Night Mini warmer except Wattage:15W and Dimensions: 4″ tall.

Scentsy's December 2023 Scent of the month - Meet at the Mistletoe

This scent’s description is as follows: Serene mistletoe and subtle cherry rendezvous amid the coolness of a refreshing forest.

TOP NOTES: At first sniff you’re going to get the top notes of flower, chamomile petals. (This will be the serene mistletoe.)

MID NOTES: The mid notes are when you’re going to get the jasmine. Rich, sweet, fruity, sensual vibes. (This is where the earthly, forest scents will come thru.)

BOTTOM NOTES: The apple will be more subtle. This will be less noticeable than the mid and top notes. Less noticeable. (And lastly this is when the cherry and mistletoe and refreshing forest all come through.) 



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