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Scentsy Friends Central Perk Warmer

The one where Friends collection comes out of the Scentsy vault on Monday, December 4th, click here, and I’ll handle the rest for you.


Could it BE any better than a new Friends Couch Scentsy warmer? Coming in hot and fresh  the brand new Friends TV series Scentsy burner – a match made in heaven (or maybe Central Perk)!

Picture this: you’ve walked through the doors of your favorite coffeehouse. To your left is Phoebe strumming on her guitar – the tune of Smelly Cat fills the room. 

Gunther knows you by name. He knows you like a double espresso and you like your coffee fresh. Now you need a seat, ahhh an orange sofa -perfect! You take a seat next to your friends Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel & Joey. 

This burner features the classic logo – switch the light on and New York knows the coffeehouse is open for business. Don’t forget to look at the rug under the orange couch burner – each character’s name is written. 

Just like when we brought you nostalgic Batman and the DC Comics collection – hurry up and order yours, because this Scentsy burner is going to fly off the shelves faster than you can say, “How you doin’?” 

The Scentsy Friends Central Perk Warmer burner will be available starting on August 7, 2023 – don’t forget the Friends Scentsy Bar. Double espresso and freshly brewed coffee create the best coffeehouse mood where moments with friends are sweetened by laughter and coconut cream.

A must-have for any die-hard Friends lover.

comfy orange sofa
yellow coffee cup

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