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Kindness is crucial. We strive to show kindness to people in our lives, those in our community & even to ourselves! On Monday, Nov. 13, 2023 Scentsy is giving a free Scentsy Bar with each order of $100 or more to celebrate World Kindness Day. Our new Harry Potter Scentsy Buddy & Hogwarts House mini warmers releasing also.

As you know, Scentsy’s core values include Generosity and contributing more than we take. Kindness helps us live “arrows out,” in service to others, and in being selfless, caring and considerate. One act of kindness can create a ripple that leads to a flood and, eventually, an ocean of good.

I very much value you, so this is our earnest, heartfelt effort to spread a message of kindness. We hope our little gesture of a free Mint To Be Merry Scentsy Bar sparks others to create kindness to help our communities & our world.

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