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Scentsy Dumbo Collection 2022

The Scentsy Dumbo Collection 2022 is here and it is full of adorable items! A gorgeous, detailed warmer along with two squishy, cuddly friends.

It’s the greatest show on earth! The Scentsy Dumbo Collection 2022 is adored by people of all ages, and we’ve added three new attractions to our existing Dumbo Collection that will have the fans on their feet.

The Disney Dumbo – Scentsy Warmer is hand-painted and brimming with delightful details, while our Disney Timothy Q. Mouse – Scentsy Buddy Clip is all dressed up and scented with the Dumbo: Circus Parade fragrance. Featuring sweet clementine, creamy peach, fresh mango and vanilla bean, Dumbo: Circus Parade will also be available as a new Scent Circle and returning Scentsy Bar and Scent Pak.

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