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Disney Princess Collection by Scentsy Released from the Vault

Disney’s most beloved ladies are here! And just in time for the holiday gifting season. We’ve brought the Disney Princess products out of the vault – but while supplies last! 

Scentsy princess collection wax warmer

It's BACK! Cinderella Carriage Scentsy Warmer, $95

Your carriage is ready! We’re honoring Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage with a celebration of the original film, this magical warmer is fit for a Disney Princess.

The Cinderella Carriage Scentsy warmer is a ceramic moonlight-colored carriage is perched on top of an intricate metal-wire wheelbase.

The golden LED lights shine inside and under the carriage for a magical glow — it almost looks like it’s floating! The wax goes inside the glass dish, tinted to match Cinderella’s iconic glass slippers.

NOTE: The dish is detailed with four clock faces all striking midnight, alternated with images that tell the story of that magical night: Cinderella finding her Fairy Godmother, her magical transformation, meeting Prince Charming and running from the castle at midnight.

Unique packaging includes beautiful illustrations and a 7.28 x 10.83-inch collectible Disney card insert.

Disney Princess Scentsy Collection Bars, $6.50

  • Dream Big Scentsy Bar: Bring your dreams to light with bright lemon, dazzling orange and fruity bubblegum, infused with coconut milk and whipped vanilla for a little extra personality.
  • Cinderella: Happily Ever After Scentsy Bar: Find your fairy tale — complete with storybook ending! — in a sweet, subtly romantic bouquet of gardenia, forget-me-not and frosted lemon.

Disney Princess Scentsy Fragrance Flowers, $20

  • Disney Princess: True Love Awaits – Dahlia Darling Fragrance Flower
  • Dream Big, Princess – Dahlia Darling Fragrance Flower


These Disney Princess products will be available now, while supplies last. Scentsy bars like these can be added to Licensed Scentsy Bar bundle & saves. Licensed products like these can’t be bought using host & perpetual party rewards. 


Also, these fragrances can be added to your Scentsy Club subscription using the Always Get My Bar perk. Scentsy Bars added to Scentsy Club subscriptions will feature four collectible labels shipped at random. Bars can be added to subscriptions within 30 days of launch or while supplies last, whichever lasts longer.


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