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Scentsy sully james p sullivan warmer

Scentsy Monsters Inc. Warmer

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Let the scary out with the new Disney Pixar Monsters Inc. Scentsy Warmer! The main characters, James P. Sullivan, also known as Sulley and his one-eyed friend Mike Wazowski are in the business of collecting screams. In order to power the city of Monstropolis the monsters must enter the human world through children’s bedroom doors. It’s only then characters like Sulley and Mike Wazowski can generate energy for the city of Monstropolis. 

But on this one night there’s a plot twist. Business won’t be as usual for Sulley and Mike. They’ve just tried to scare a little brown toddler Boo and she takes them on an emotional journey. Mr. Waternoose, and all the monsters at the scare factory soon reveal that laughter is far more powerful of an energy source than scaring children.

Just like when we brought you up in the air with the Up Balloon warmer – go fast and order your Scentsy Monsters Inc. warmer because this Scentsy burner is going to hide under the bed faster than you can let out a loud scream!

The Disney Pixar Monsters Inc. Scentsy Warmer will be available on August 22, 2023 – don’t forget the Monsters Inc. Monstropolis Scentsy bar. It’s a monster dose of mandarin, watermelon, pineapple and lush palms await in a world like no other.

Pixar's Monsters Inc. Nightlight Burner

Mike Wazowski, Sulley’s one-eyed partner and Randall Boggs arch-nemesis and direct rival – is very hesitant about this brown haired human toddler. After all Mike and Sulley and all the monsters in Monstropolis are taught to believe any contact with humans is toxic.

Inspired by Pixar’s Monsters Inc., Mike Wazowski’s personality shines through – despite his lack of physical intimidation. Mike and Sulley understand the scare tactics of the monster world. Try pairing our new Monstropolis Scentsy bar fragrance with this Disney Pixar Monsters Inc. Scentsy burner nightlight.

Regardless who the top scarer in your home is there will be sweet sounds of laughter generating the power of your home, instead of screams.

Head on over to and shop today, while supplies last. 

*This Scentsy Bar Qualifies*

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