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Scentsy Disney Frozen Two

The Disney Frozen 2 Gang Is All Here

The all-time, #1 animated story that brought us Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Sven is back!  And the sequel has already shown that it is just as incredible as the original.  The Disney and Frozen 2 Collection was completely inspired by the adventurous spirit of all the elements that came together to create Frozen 2.  This new, epic adventure introduces bold, characters into the Disney Frozen universe and each one has been embodied by a new, exclusive Scentsy fragrance.  

Disney and Frozen 2 Collection Scentsy Bars

Frozen Scentsy Elsa


The North Calls (Elsa) Frozen Scentsy Bar

An empowering mix of berry and grapefruit, lily of the valley and a touch of marine urge you to discover the truth.

Born to Lead (Anna) Frozen Scentsy Bar

Find the strength inside you with a daring mix of orange and melon emboldened by vanilla.

Anna Frozen Scentsy Bar
Scentsy Frozen Fearless Bar



Fearless by Nature (Sven) Frozen Scentsy Bar

Brave the journey with unwavering loyalty, traversing wildflowers and sage as you navigate the woods.



Mythic Journey (The Nokk) Frozen Scentsy Bar

Get swept away by enticing black currant and autumnal pear over salty ocean waves.

Scentsy Frozen Nokk Bar
Scentsy Frozen Bar Autumn



A Dance of Autumn (Wind Spirit) Frozen Scentsy Bar

Fresh notes of apple float on the wind through forest woods, conjuring the spirit of swirling leaves.

Reveal Your Destiny Disney and Frozen Collection Scentsy Warmer

Warmer Has Sold Out

A beautiful warmer! The Reveal Your Destiny – Scentsy Warmer from the Disney and Frozen 2 Collection pairs perfectly with the wax collection. Autumn leaves swirl across a wooded landscape and beloved Frozen 2 characters, including everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf. Graphic silhouettes of Anna and Elsa illuminate when lit, a birch-designed base completes the forest feel, and a snowflake adorns the dish for a finishing touch.

Scentsy Frozen 2 Collection
Scentsy Olaf Buddy



Olaf Scentsy Buddy

And don’t forget Sweet Olaf as a part of the Disney and Frozen 2 Collection!  He is available as a Scentsy Buddy while supplies last and comes with his own signature scent pak in the fragrance Warm Hugs.  So soft, so cuddly – the Olaf Scentsy Buddy is definitely worth melting for.  Hurry and get yours HERE.

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