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Disney Cinderella Scentsy Warmers​

Scentsy Cinderella Carraige Warmer

Disney Cinderella Scentsy Carriage & Mini Warmer

Bippity Boppety Boo! She’s back! The Disney Cinderella Scentsy Warmers have returned. And this time Cindy brought a Mini Warmer and a new Room Spray with her as well.

Create your own fairy tale with the enchanting Disney Cinderella Scentsy Warmers! Featuring new and returning products, you can really bring home the magic with hand-painted, collectible décor and enchanting fragrances.

The new Disney Cinderella – Scentsy Mini Warmer is a lovely homage to the classic fairy tale. The magic is in the details that tell Cinderella’s story, from finding her Fairy Godmother and pumpkin carriage to running from the castle and losing her glass slipper. Even the wax dish is detailed with the clock striking midnight.

It’s the perfect companion to the popular Disney Cinderella Carriage – Scentsy Warmer. The ceramic carriage is perched on top of an intricate metal-wire wheelbase, while golden LED lights shine inside and under the carriage for a magical glow. The beautifully detailed dish is displayed through the open windows of the carriage. And those are just some of the highlights!

Scent Description of Cinderella: Happily Ever After: Find your fairy tale — complete with storybook ending! — in a sweet, subtly romantic bouquet of gardenia, forget-me-not and frosted lemon. This is such an elegant fragrance that you’re going to love.

Scent Description of Disney Princess: True Love Awaits: Enter a kingdom where enchanting ripe raspberry, sparkling mandarin and a kiss of sweet vanilla write the perfect fairy tale ending. This scent is so sweet and young.


  • New! Disney Cinderella − Scentsy Mini Warmer, $30 (25 PRV)
  • Disney Cinderella Carriage − Scentsy Warmer, $95 (80 PRV)
  • New! Disney Princess: True Love Awaits − Room Spray, $9 (8 PRV)
  • Disney Princess: True Love Awaits − Scentsy Bar, $6.50 (6 PRV)*
  • Cinderella: Happily Ever After − Scentsy Bar, $6.50 (6 PRV)*


Scentsy Cinderella Carriage Light
Disney Cinderella Scentsy Warmers
Scentsy Cinderella Carriage lit up
Scentsy Cinderella Fairy Godmother
Scentsy Cinderella Clock Strikes Midnight
Scentsy Cinderella Night Light

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