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Discover the Disney Pixar Inside Out Wax Collection

If you’re a fan of Disney and Pixar, get ready to experience the Disney Pixar Inside Out Scentsy wax collection, launching on May 28th. This collection brings the beloved characters and their emotions to life through unique Scentsy fragrances.

Keep scrolling for full details about this new Scentsy Disney collaboration.

Feel the Emotions with Disney Pixar's Inside Out Movie Scentsy Fragrances

The full spectrum of human emotions is an experience with Scentsy’s Disney Pixar Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind Wax Collection. Each wax fragrance captures a unique personality from the Inside Out, bringing their essence to life.

  • Joy: Good and Golden — Energetic lemon, spirited golden pineapple and cane sugar will put a smile on your face.
  • Sadness: Feeling Blue — Dramatic dark waters, evening lavender and bergamot deeply touch your gentle soul.
  • Fear: Scared Purple — Stay cautiously optimistic with grape, raspberry and an unexpected touch of vanilla.
  • Disgust: Turning Green — Set high standards with Granny Smith apple, spun sugar and a sassy hint of lime zest.
  • Anger: Red Hot Rage — An explosion of spicy cinnamon and clove fuels your fiery side.

Meet Bing Bong, Your New Imaginary Scentsy Buddy

Introducing a NEW imaginary Scentsy buddy! Bing Bong, the lovable character from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out movie, is now available as a cuddly Scentsy Buddy. With his Scent Pak in the “Welcome to Imagination Land!” fragrance, he’s ready to join you on all your adventures.

Here’s the cost:

Disney and Pixar Inside Out Movie Scentsy Emotional Whirlwind Wax Collection
Open Box Disney and Pixar Movie Emotional Whirlwind Scentsy Wax melt Collection

Quick Note & Lifetime access details

The Scentsy wax bars in the Disney Pixar’s Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind Collection won’t be sold separately, but you can have lifetime access to these scents through a Scentsy Club subscription. The best budget-friendly option is to bundle them in licensed 3-packs or 6-packs in Bundle & Save.

Scentsy Club offers lifetime access to your favorite scents. We know how much a scent can mean to someone, and Scentsy Club is the best way to always have your favorite fragrances on hand.

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