Selling Scentsy isn’t like wearing a one-size-fits-all hat.

Some are in it for the consultant perks. Some wanna make money without wearing a bra. The list is long for the reasons why someone decides to sell Scentsy. 

Watch this quick video to see what a day in the life of a normal Scentsy consultant looks like. 

Scentsy 101 - Become a World Class Consultant

Use the resources below and start learning how to become a top-selling Scentsy consultant. I’m glad to walk you through each step and answer any questions you may have!


These convenient multipurpose cleaning wipes quickly tackle everyday messes & add a burst of Scentsy fragrance with each swipe!
Available in Squeeze the Day fragrance🍋
Pure lemons balanced by a hint of vanilla cream

The Art of Fragrance

Scentsy teaches you how to “smell.” This interactive course comes in a box of special fragrance testers, and a series of training videos, & a printable workbook that helps you understand and learn what makes Scentsy fragrances unique & how to help your future customers find their favorite scent.
I had the opportunity to go through the training last year and it’s amazing!
The Art of Fragrance kit only comes with the standard Starter Kit, so newbies like you can start their Scentsy business with confidence and advanced knowledge. After you participate in this training Scentsy offers (at no extra charge)  you’ll be fully equipped to answer the question “why Scentsy?” 
With this training, you’ll be fully prepared to confidently answer the question, “Why Scentsy?” And then your team members & customers will turn to you the expert for knowledge and fragrance recommendations.

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