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If you’ve been around for a while you know how much I love different decorating styles. After years of mixing and matching my decor – it really looked like a hodgepodge of decor. Who has time to make sure you’ve got a perfectly decorated home when you’re trying to keep two tiny humans alive and not bored? Certainly not me. 

How does beach cottage decor differ from a coastal style?

There are so many different versions of coastal decor – chic casual Hamptons style to charming Grandma coastal style. 

You wanna think of comfy seating, natural linen, and cotton, casually thrown pillows and throw blankets, and weathered woods.

As long as you are incorporating an abundance of neutral colors – muted tones such as beige, taupe, gray, creams, and whites you will have nailed the coastal vibe through your style. 

Sensory note: common coastal environment fragrances should include notes of sandalwood, citrus, coastal vegetation, and sea breeze.


5 decorating ideas if you’re on a budget:

  • Put some white paint up on your walls for a simple instant fresh look.
  • Hang up artwork in creative ways using yarn or twine.
  • Repurpose old bookshelves. Just because it’s called a bookshelf doesn’t mean it’s gotta be used as one. 
  • Indoor plants – set them inside a basket.
  • Reframe your pictures – use ones that have a worn, vintage look about them in your neutral color scheme.

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