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We’ve all done it…

You Spilled Scentsy what?

We’ve all done it.  You spilled wax.

In a panic, you think your surface is ruined.  Relax…

Scentsy wax is easy to clean up should you have an accident – or Waxident, as I like to call it.

So, you decided to change your scent out and picked up your dish.  Something happened and you spilled wax.  Or maybe you bumped a mini-warmer that is plugged into the wall.  Maybe those little fingers or paws dipped in and you found spilled wax.  It’s ok.  It happens to the best of us from time to time.

How to remove candle wax from floor, wood or any hard surface?

If your wax is on a hard surface that’s definitely an easy clean up.  You can gently scrape it off with a flat edge. A plastic spatula, butter knife, or even a credit card.  Scentsy wax is a soft wax so it will remove in large pieces, easily.  Wipe down the surface with some warm water after you’ve removed the wax and the surface is as good as new.

How to get Scentsy wax out of clothes, carpet or any fabric surface?

We often get asked “how to get scentsy wax off carpet… and clothes?” If you had a waxident on a fabric surface such as clothing, a couch, or your carpet you can still save the day.  When the wax is still in liquid form, dab gently with a paper towel to remove the excess.  If the spilled wax has already hardened, pull up as much as possible from the fabric. Lay a paper towel or a brown paper bag over the spilled wax that remains. You can use a blow dryer or an iron set to a low temperature. Simply run the heat source over the paper towel or paper bag and watch the wax be absorbed.

How to remove Scentsy wax from wall?

Take a paper towel and place it over the wax on the wall, then put a thin piece of cardboard over the paper towel and use a hot clothes iron to go over the cardboard. The heat will melt the wax and then it will be absorbed into the paper towel. Make sure you move the iron around a bit as you would when ironing clothes, so it doesn’t damage the wall. The purpose of the cardboard is to protect your iron from getting any wax on it. If there is a stain on your wall, you can use a magic eraser or a bit of rubbing alcohol on a clean paper towel to rub out the stain.

Alternatively, you can take a hairdryer and a paper towel to the spilled wax on the wall. Use the hairdryer to heat up the wax and then wipe it away with the clean paper towel.

So, if you spilled Scentsy wax, don’t sweat it. There really is nothing to worry about it, it is an easy clean.

Want to see a waxident cleaned up in my home?  Check out that short video up above and see just how easy it is and why you have no reason to panic.

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