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St Patty's day 2024 Scentsy green shamrock warmer mini

Ever wonder how someone makes "St. Patrick's Day look and smell so good?"

Maybe not, maybe that’s just now my brain works. But hey, there’s a first time for everything! This year you can do more than just cover  everything standing in green. 

With a quick “plug in” of the NEW Shamrock mini Scentsy warmer – and a few cubes of Follow the Rainbow Scentsy bar and you’ve just created your own “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow.

a green shamrock wax melter glowing in the dark.

Introducing the Shamrock Mini Scentsy warmer is a delightful and charming addition to your home decor, designed. to infuse your space with both warmth and fragrance. This petite and whimsical glass warmer features a playful shamrock motif, capturing the essence of Irish luck and charm.

$25, 4″ tall, comes with a 15 watt bulb

Sellout Risk: Moderate 

a green shamrock small warmer plugged into the wall
A green shamrock glass mini scentsy wax melter with the light on and plugged into the wall.
Leprechaun Scentsy buddy clip kids

Why is a leprechaun a symbol of St Patrick's Day?

It’s actually shocking the connection between this mythical figure and the story behind St. Patrick’s day and leprechauns. As legend has it leprechauns were first written about in old irish fables, so it makes sense they’d be connected with a dedicated Irish heritage holiday. 

St. Patrick’s. Day | Liam the Leprechaun Scentsy Buddy Clip + Sparkling Yellow fragrance, $18.

Sellout Risk: High

Leprechaun scentsy buddy clip size comparison
a small little leprechaun with orange hair
Pot of gold rainbow Scentsy wax melt

Add Scents To Club

At the stroke of midnight on February 12, Follow the Rainbow Scentsy bar can be added to your Scentsy club subscription using your Always Get My Bar perk. 


purple Pot of gold rainbow Scentsy wax melt

Follow the Rainbow Scentsy wax bar: A vibrant mix of golden pineapple, sugared berries and blood orange journeys to the end of the rainbow. $6

Sellout Risk: High

Also, check out Scentsy’s green color bulbs for your other warmers. 

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