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Scentsy Light Bulb Questions

wax warmer light bulbs

Scentsy Bulbs 101 Replacements, Warmer Watts, Sizing and More If you’re looking to buy Scentsy replacement bulbs, look no further! Click the button below to browse all the current bulbs and replacement parts for your wax warmers. A popular question that I get are what size bulbs should I use for my warmer? I’ve complied some […]

How To Clean Wax Off Wax Warmer

Cleaning Scentsy Wax Dish

Clearning Wax off Outside of Warmer Does it really make a difference if you have a completely clean Scentsy warmer when melting wax? You bet your Aunt Bessy it does! Some wax scents have heavy oil molecules, like cinnamon oil.  When you warm those scents your dish can sometimes get a brown film on it. […]

How To Make Scentsy Wax Last Longer?

Just how long do Scentsy Wax Bars Last… Did you pop in a few cubes of wax into your warmer and think, “Wow, I can’t smell my Scentsy anymore?”  Or maybe you could only smell it for a few hours and thought, “This Scentsy sure has gone down in quality.” Let me assure you, your Scentsy […]

Waxident? Here’s How To Clean Your Spilled Scentsy Wax

Cleaning Spilled Scentsy Wax

We’ve all done it… You Spilled Scentsy wax…now what? We’ve all done it.  You spilled wax. In a panic, you think your surface is ruined.  Relax… Scentsy wax is easy to clean up should you have an accident – or Waxident, as I like to call it. So, you decided to change your scent out […]

How To Store Scentsy Wax

How You Store Your Scentsy Bars Matters Ok, let’s be real for a hot minute.  You are reading about how to store Scentsy wax bars.  You know what that means don’t you?  Yep, you’re an addict.  Don’t worry, I’m a Scentsy addict too.  You’re in good company. When you stock up on bars whether it’s […]

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