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Scentsy Safety Review

What Makes Scentsy Warmers Different? (a comparison between a popular-brand flame candle vs. Scentsy’s wickless warmers) Candles With Wicks vs. Scentsy I truly enjoy burning fragrance candles in my home but I had small children and several pets and that was just a recipe for disaster, just waiting to happen. I wanted to show you […]

Is Scentsy Safe To Use In My Home

Is Scentsy Safe To Use In My Home

Is Scentsy Safe? A question everyone asks is “Is Scentsy safe to use in my home?”   Scentsy produces a worry-free product line. Let’s break down some of the reasons why you should us Scentsy products. No smoke, No soot, No lead. The only thing that releases into the air is fragrant oil molecules by using […]

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