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Best Fall Scentsy Scents and Warmers 2018

Fall Scentsy Scents and Warmers for 2018

It’s Fall 2018 and you are probably wondering, what are the best fall Scentsy scents this year and what new fall Scentsy warmers are being released? Wonder no more. I’m here to tell you all about our warmers and scents for the 2018 Scentsy Fall Catalog – Not only the newest Scentsy scents but also oldies yet goodies that made it back to the catalog. Some of you may not be familiar with Scentsy so here is a quick introduction for you.

best fall scentsy scents 2018

What is Scentsy?

Firstly, Scentsy is life.  There is nothing like fragrance to bring you right back to those special memories.  Grandma’s kitchen, Christmas back home with the family, or even a Sunday afternoon stroll can all be tied to scent.

No one but Scentsy offers on trend, innovative warmers and diffusers, and so many fragrance options that are designed to Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the soul.

Handcrafted Scentsy warmers and wax melts, also known as Scentsy Bars, were the product that started it all back in 2004. A lightbulb to warm the fragrant wax instead of a flame provides a safe, soot and lead free, alternative to dangerous candles.

Furthermore, Scentsy features even more fragrant products such as Ultrasonic diffusers for natural and essential oils, luxurious laundry care, all natural cleaning products, on-the-go fragrance products, and pampering personal body care products. Each and every item delivering the indulgent Scentsy fragrance.

Above all, if you need something to smell like your personal definition of perfection, we have the answer and the product desired.

Top Selling Scentsy Scents Coming Back This Fall

Before we get into what we think the best fall Scentsy scents are, and the new scents being released in this year’s Scentsy fall catalog, let’s talk about the top selling fall Scentsy scents that are coming back on September 1st. Clearly if they are selling hot, they must be great.

Scentsy Christmas Cottage Bar

Christmas Cottage

A cozy blend of Oranges, Raspberries, Clove & Spices

snowy spruce scentsy bar

Very Snowy Spruce

Balsam Spruce, Cedar with Amber & Pine Cone

farmstand pumpkin scent

Farmstand Pumpkin

Indulgent fresh Apple, Cinnamon Stick, Pumpkin & Caramel

homestead holiday scentsy bar

Homestead Holiday

Blood Orange & Cinnamon freshened by Fir Needle

hug in a mug scentsy bar

Hug In a Mug

Curl up with Chocolate, Hazelnut & Cookie Dough


The New Best Fall Scentsy Scents in 2018

While there are plenty of older scents that are incredible, I am super excited about the 15 New Releases!  Without a doubt, my top picks are Winterberry Apple Tea, Autumn Hearth, and Christmas Cactus.

Apple Cherry Strudel

Granny Smith, Cherry, & Vanilla Drizzle insist on dessert first.

Autumn Hearth

Cue up a classic Apple, Cinnamon, & Tonka are all about this fall


Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry & Butter accord over Light Maple make the mood


Breakfast Blend

Get buzzed on the pure scent of Just Brewed Coffee


Christmas Cactus

Agave Nectar & Citrus with Siberian Fir. A new winter wonderland


Cozy Cardigan

Find bedded bliss in layers of Soft Suede, Blushing Rose & Amber Silk

Farmhouse Fir

Fir Needle & Cedarwood get some Pink Grapefruit Pizazz


Grandma's Orchard

Discover total tranquility in fresh Applewood & Anjou Pear


Lavender Cotton

Find your magic in Purple Lavender, Soft Cotton, & Daisy Blossom


Palo Santo

Palo Santo Wood, Charred Cedar Bark & Teak. The ultimate dreamboat blend


Perfect Peppermint

Cooler than most. Pure Peppermint is the popular kid you love to love

Porch Pumpkin

Take to the top step with Fresh-Picked Pumpkin, Acorn, & Autumn Air


Red Cedar & Sage

Run free through Red Cedar, Sage, & Fresh Forest Greens


Snowplace Like Home

Stay in & chill out with Cool Mint & an accord of Fresh Air


Winterberry Apple Tea

Winter Tea cozies up to Cranberry, Apple, & Honey. A winter favorite


Top Selling Fall Scentsy Warmers Coming Back on September 1st

scentsy fall 2018 preview

Porch Pumpkin

A merging of cool grays & clean contours. Little Garden includes three faux succulents & one bag of black stones. Also, you get creative and make your own exhibit using figurines, faux flora, and rocks!


Dream It, Live it, Love It

A message to live by! Keep it on display wherever you’d like a little extra dose of inspiration. Plug it into the wall, or use our Mini Warmer Table Top Base.



Rediscover wonder. Stargaze comes alive with a brilliant burst of light and color, giving you a front-row seat to a dazzling show.  Furthermore, each Stargaze is slightly variant in color and pattern.


Prairie Pitcher

This rustic charmer is finished with weathered-like detailing for a pitcher-perfect country chic vibe.  Love Ray Dunn and Joanna Gaines? This warmer will fit right in your decor scheme.


New Fall Scentsy Warmers 2018

Get Hygge! What?  Get HOO-GUH!  That’s the Danish word for coziness and it’s the theme of the New Fall Scentsy Warmers For 2018.  Create your Hygge as you cuddle a loved one by the fire, nestled under a cozy blanket too. The cheery light of these warmers will help you find your hygge.


new fall scentsy warmers

Farmhouse Charm

A Spoonful

spoonful scentsy warmer

This classic sugar tin look will add just a spoonful of sensible retro to your design.

Burlap Star

burlap star warmer

Farmhouse, classic burlap, and versatility for your fave smaller space. 

Country Canister

country canister warmer

What do you want to say? Cute with a custom space.

Friends and Family

friends and family warmer

A soft glow, get together with those you love.

Gather Together

Simple & vintage, yet always on trend.  Gather.

Rustic Garden

water can scentsy warmer

Urban or farmhouse? You get both with galvanized metal and style.

Rustic Sunflower

sunflower scentsy warmer

Sunflowers and weathered American enamelware.

Tin Can Stars

tin can scentsy warmer

Laidback and simple. Star punched design.


unbridled horse scentsy warmer

This noble beast, silhouetted against corrugated metal.

Modern Cozy

Circus Pop Red

circus pop red warmer

Sassy fun with a pop of red.  Glass mini warmer.

Circus Pop

circus pop scentsy warmer

Make a funky statement with yellow pop.  Glass mini warmer

Crystal Ice

crystal scentsy warmer

Bold Blues and prism shapes with a crystal shine.  Gorgeous.


elegance scentsy warmer

Delicate like antique lace. Frosted and timeless.

Outside In

Antler Lodge

antler lodge scentsy warmer

Hand blown, recycled glass with faux antlers.  Relax.

Black Forest

black forest scentsy warmer

Dramatic yet tranquil. Enjoy the contrast of the forest.

Open Plains

open plains scentsy warmer

Dare to rebel into open spaces and statement pieces.

Sea Stone

seaglass scentsy warmer

Enjoy the sea glass look or customize as your own.  Stones are removable.

Yukon King

yukon scentsy warmer

The royal moose is perfect to announce that peaceful lodge vibe.

Say It Loud

Believe In Yourself

believe scentsy warmer

Be encouraged daily with this stylish warmer.

Grateful Thankful

pink mason jar grateful scentsy warmer

Never forget just how rosy life really can be.  Gratitude.

Happy Camper

mini camper warmer

Retro Camper FUN! Mini warmer for condensed space.

Love Your Journey

love your journey warmer

It’s all about the journey, not just the destination.

Holiday Scentsy Warmers

The holidays are just around the corner and that means we all need to have that perfect home setting.  It just sets the mood in your home.  And, of course, we need to have those amazing Scentsy scents everywhere!  We’ve got you covered…

Scentsy Halloween Warmers

Every September 1st, Scentsy rolls out the Harvest Collection.  This includes some incredible autumn themes but it also includes some adorable and spooky Scentsy Halloween Warmers.  Do you like Jack-o-lanterns or creepy-cute skeletons?  Check out the Scentsy Halloween warmers right here!

Scentsy Christmas Warmers

Coming October 1st – the Holiday Collection!  While it’s still a secret as to what’s coming out for the upcoming holidays after Thanksgiving, I can promise it will be adorable and perfect for your home or to give as the perfect gift.  Scentsy Christmas warmers have never failed to bring the spirit of the season straight into your space.  I can’t wait!

Football Fans

We didn’t forget our pigskin lovers!  Are you a fan of NCAA football teams?  We even have Scentsy football warmers too.  A little something for everyone!

Why We Love Fall Scentsy Scents & Warmers SO MUCH!

Fall is my favorite season of the year.  It is especially my favorite Scentsy season. Autumn is a time for cooler evenings and leaves crunching under our feet.  A time to warm cinnamon and berries and pumpkin scents. Utilizing Scentsy fall scents is how you make your space cozy and full of love.

I have shown you a lot, but even if you didn’t see your perfect autumn match, checkout out our entire Scentsy fall catalog. There is so much Scentsy greatness coming this fall on September 1st and I want you to have a piece of the (Pumpkin) pie.

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