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Green and white alien Scentsy buddy

Looking for an out-of-this-world adventure buddy? Alazar the Alien is not your ordinary plush stuffed alien. 

Alazar the Alien is the very first extraterrestrial stuffed animal to join our Scentsy buddy lineup. He is 16″ tall.

So, you know those little green guys from outer space you see in movies? Well, those are what we usually think of as aliens. They’re like visitors from other planets, with super cool gadgets and all. But aliens don’t have to look like us; they could be all sorts of shapes and sizes, or even totally different forms that we can’t even imagine. Scientists aren’t totally sure if aliens are real or not, but people have been wondering about them for ages. It’s one of those big questions that keeps us all guessing!

What is the point of a Scentsy buddy?

Oh, you’re talking about those cute little Scentsy Buddies! They’re like plush toys, but with a fun twist—they’re filled with fragrance! You can pop a Scentsy Scent Pack into the zippered pouch on their back, and they’ll smell amazing. They’re perfect for keeping kids company, and hey, you can even use them to stash stuff like lost teeth, or, uh, special mementos. They’re not just buddies; they’re scent-sational pals!

What goes in a Scentsy buddy that smells?


So, you’re curious about those adorable Scentsy Buddies, right? Well, they come with this neat thing called a Scentsy Scent Pak—a little fabric pouch filled with scented beads. You can stash it in the back pocket of your Buddy to keep your favorite scent close by. It’s like having a cuddly friend that smells amazing!


After a long day of space travel, Alazar the Alien would love to snuggle up and tell stories of intergalactic adventures. Comes with one Scent Pak of your choice!

What if my Scentsy buddy gets dirty?

Here are my best tips to spot clean your Scentsy buddy for minor messes and stains. Take a baby wipe and gently wipe down your Scentsy buddy. 

Now if you do not have any baby wipes handy – a washcloth with a little bit of mild dish soap and warm water will do the trick. 

And what if your Scentsy buddy is really, really dirty? I prefer to use a laundry bag (you know the bags you put your gentles in) because if there is something else I am washing with my buddy, It’s not going to get hung up and twisted. Next, use your favorite detergent, I prefer to use Scentsy laundry liquid detergent with a sprinkle of washer whiffs, but you do you. This does double duty – cleans and makes my buddy smell good! 

Now that your buddy is good and clean. Leave it in the laundry bag and toss it in your dryer on a low heat tumble dry. Bada bing! No more mysterious stains and smells.

Then the last step will be to put in a fresh and new scent pak

Enjoy your clean Scentsy friend! 

While supplies last!

Comes with one Scent Pak of your choice!

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