Florida Scentsy® Consultant

Independent Scentsy Consultant

Read on below to find more information on finding specific Scentsy products and learn about Barbara Semento, Florida’s Scentsy Consultant.

Glad you made it here!

My name is Barbara Semento and I’m a professional social seller

(I guess that’s the fancy term for it) and leader of a network marketing team in the home fragrance industry.

Decisions hard for you?

I got you! I love to give my opinion of what I like and what I DON’T like. Ekkk, did she just say that? Yep! Sure did. There are over 85+. scents and products. You, me, and everyone can’t possibly like everything. 

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Most importantly...

I’m a lawman’s wife, mom to two adult grownups and I’m obsessed with our two dogs.

I’m entering the season of life where the kids aren’t screaming “mom” every 5 seconds. I’m addicted to teaching you how to make your world smell better with minimal effort. I’m very gung-ho about showing you how to turn this into a real business, without sacrificing your authenticity or priorities.


My Personal Favorites


Use the scentsy warmers to create a welcoming atmosphere throughout your home.



The smell of fresh that uses cutting edge technology to keep your home fresh…all day whenever you need.


Custom Bundle

Create a custom bundle and match your favorite products while saving on shipping at the same time.



Limited time discounts and clearance shipped directly to you. Browse all scents and products.


Scentsy Accomplishments

Thinking about Selling Scentsy?

Interested in becoming a Scentsy® consultant but don’t know where to start? I’ve got you covered! Download the Scentsy® ‘get started’ guide and learn what it’s really like to work behind-the-scenes being your own boss.