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2019 Scentsy Fall Scents Review Video

It’s that time.  Time for the 2019 Scentsy Fall Scents Review video.  It’s my favorite to sniff and give you my reviews so that you know which scents are right for YOU.

Just like last year’s review, the 2019 Scentsy Fall Scents review video will continue with my Bars and Stars system.

The Bars range from 1 – 5.  One being very light in fragrance intensity up to five being a very strong scent.

The Stars range from 1 – 10.  One meaning that it’s not a scent that ticks all my boxes up to ten meaning it is the most phenomenal scent available.

Psst…I never give a ten, but it may or may not have happened in this video review.

Watch this quick video to see what’s best for you or keep reading down below for the details.

Let’s do it!

2019 Scentsy Fall Scents

Blood Orange Spice Scentsy Bar

This scent really features the fruit and spice. It’s a little bit sweet from the candy apple and a little bit tart like fresh-squeezed orange juice all the while being the perfect fall scent with the hint of cinnamon.

If you liked Mandarin Moon Scentsy Bar then you’ll love the Blood Orange Spice Scentsy Bar.

Bars: 3  Stars: 7

Scentsy Blood Orange Spice
Brownie Batter Room Spray

Brownie Batter Scentsy Bar

Let’s go back to Grandma’s kitchen.  Where she made you feel so special with a warm brownie, just for you.  So chocolatey that it will have you craving those gooey-gooey brownies yourself.

If you like the Mochadoodle Scentsy Bar then you will adore the Brownie Batter Scentsy Bar.

Bars: 5  Stars: 6

Candied Cranberry Pecan Scentsy Bar

Think Thanksgiving.  With Cranberry source cooking on the stove.  Pecans roasting in the oven & a slight plum undertone make this scent perfection for the Christmas season too.  

If you liked the Very Merry Cranberry Scentsy Bar then you will love the Candied Cranberry Pecan Scentsy Bar.

Bars: 3  Stars:8

Candied Cranberry Pecan Air freshener Scentsy

Fiddle Leaf Fig Scentsy Bar

Earthy and green with a hint of evergreen trees.  A very unique scent.  The rosemary really brightens this scent up.  It is a very green type of scent. Refreshing yet maintaining it’s Mother Earth vibe.

If you liked the Midnight Fig Scentsy Bar then you will like the Fiddle Leaf Fig Scentsy Bar.


Bars: 4  Stars: 3

First Day Of Fall Scentsy Bar

Pumpkins, Spices, Bonfires, and Marshmallows.  This scent is Fall.  Not too sweet and not too spicy with the nutmeg and cinnamon.  Just the perfect early fall scent.

If you like Cider Mill Scentsy Bar then you will love First Day of Fall Scentsy Bar.

Bars: 5  Stars: 9

First Day of Fall Scentsy Air Freshener
Scentsy Grapefruit and Grenadine

Grapefruit and Grenadine Scentsy Bar

Tangy and sweet.  Grapefruit is the star in this scents.  Zesty with orange citrus, this is the scents of the best holiday cocktail. This is a scent that I missed in the video – oops.

If you liked Spiced Grapefruit Scentsy Bar then you will love Grapefruit and Grenadine Scentsy Bar

Bars: 4  Stars: 4

Huckleberry Wreath Scents Bar

This scent is sweet and berry-laden with a touch of forest evergreen.  A scent that will go well for warming all winter long.

If you liked Eskimo kiss Scentsy Bar then you will adore Huckleberry Wreath.

Bars: 3  Stars: 9

Huckleberry Wreath Scentsy Bar

I’m Snow Over It Scentsy Bar

Clean and Fresh like a quiet snowy field.  You can almost hear the crunch of snow under your feet as you walk.  Bright and zesty and I am in love!  I have never, never given a score of 10 stars.

If you like the Luna Scentsy Bar then you will love the I’m Snow Over It Scentsy Bar.

Bars: 4  Stars: 10

Maple Apple Bourbon Scentsy Bar

Just like the name says.  Strong notes of apples straight from the orchard, followed by the shy scents of maple and bourbon.  The perfect snowed-in-the-cabin scents.  The feeling of cozy comfort.

If you liked Autumn Blaze Maple Scents Bar then you will love Maple Apple Bourbon Scentsy Bar.

Bars: 5  Stars: 6

Scentsy Maple Apple Bourbon
Stroopwafel Delight Scentsy Bar

Stroopwafel Delight Scentsy Bar

Oooh! This is a Saturday morning breakfast.  Thick buttery waffles with vanilla and cinnamon sprinkled on top will bring this Dutch treat into your home. Warm and indulgent for you to enjoy.

If you like Cozy Chai Scentsy Bar then you will love Stroopwafel Delight Scentsy Bar

Bars: 5  Stars: 9

I hope that you have enjoyed all ten of the new 2019 Scentsy fall Scents review.  I aim to be helpful with your selecting the perfect scents for your lifestyle.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have so don’t be scared to reach out.  Drop me a line or two at

Don’t waste another minute; get your 2019 Scentsy Fall Scents now and start enjoying that cozy feeling.

Want more of the Scentsy classic scents?  Be sure to visit me HERE to see everything available.

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