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scentsy fall catalog 2018

New 2018 Scentsy Fall Catalog Browse & Shop Online

Scentsy Director: Barbara Semento

The New 2018 Scentsy Catalog for Fall/Winter means chilly days ahead.  Shorter days spent inside and cozy.  Click on the catalog image to view all of the new, amazing products that are waiting just for you.

Browse new Scentsy Warmers

New Scentsy Wax Bars & Melts

New Scent Combinations and Fragrances

Seasonal Scentsy Products, These Will Not Last

There's a catalog with your name on it...well kinda sorta. Ask & you shall receive.

Happy to get you a catalog you can flip the pages to. Just click my email address technology will take care of the rest:

What's New In The New 2018 Scentsy Fall Catalog:

As we all know Scentsy has discontinued some of the older products to make room for the new Scentsy Fall products and fragrances. Some of the categories that have the largest changes are marked below. Feel free to browse what is current and compare it to the new Scentsy Fall catalog 2018 above.

Feel free to download the new catalog by clicking “read it online” above and then download (in the top right hand corner, if on a computer).

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